Saturday, February 17, 2018

Go For Two!

If you love to go for 2 points conversions, this is the course for you! I am of the contrary view that “Why just kick it for one point?” when you can go for two? This is been one of my seasonal challenge the last couple years. An added entertainment for my JV duties, I research different offenses. One year I will lined up for 2 point conversions in the infamous lonesome polecat. This past year, my 2 point conversions were out of the single wing formation. And finally, I actually went under center DOUBLE TIGHT I FORMATION. 

When Coach Mike Rowe introduced his newest course,
“Gaining an Advantage with 2-Point Concepts”
I jumped at the chance to check it out. 

The Why? Here a few… You gotta purchase the course to get them all! 

  • It is a lot of fun for the kids 
  • Allows us to to practice Trick Plays with no consequences 

I love to go for 2 because in my reasoning, you only have to have 50% productivity. 
Of course, Coach Rowe’s boasts a 80% conversion rate. And he doesn’t use these plays for strictly 2 point conversions, Coach Rowe will “use these concepts on short yardage too”. 

Coach Rowe uses NINE concepts to confuse the defense. 

  • Southside 
  • Bobber 
  • Pirate 
  • Hook 
  • Hammer 
  • Fish 
  • Whale 
  • Crab 
  • Shark 

And he has the PHILLY SPECIAL! He calls it PIRATE (nod to Mike Leach? ....ARRGGH).

My favorite of all the concepts must be the HAMMER CONCEPT.... SPEED STING PLAY. 

I will say again how much I love the Coach Tube layout. You can easily pause a course then pick up close to where you left off. No scrolling the time bar or remembering the time! 

Other Coach Tube Features

  • Stream from any devices.... I even tried it on my iPhone it works
  • Lifetime access
  • 100% money back guarantee

Past Coach Tube courses I have taken from Coach Rowe include:

You can find Coach Rowe on Twitter @coachmikerowe

Or via rocorifootball@gmail.com

An Added BONUS coupon code! 

Get $2 off Coach Rowe’s course. 

Use the CODE gofortwo

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Coach Singleton does it again!!

KISS, also known as Keep It Simple Stupid is a FOUR letter Acronym that likes to keep everything simple. This can also apply to Coach Singleton’s newest course, which is the rule of FOUR. This is not the first course that I’ve "taken" from Coach Singleton and as is the case with his other courses, I was not disappointed. He does a great job explaining every play and has film clips for most plays.

I will say that I love the layout of the Coach Tube. The clinic is divided into chapters for easy review. 

I love how Coach Tube adds a PDF of the slides too. I would post them all...but I'm sure Coach Singleton would not be happy! (so just buy it.)

I am a terminology junkie and love to learn how other teams call their plays, motions, and shifts. Here is a slide showing an example of motions.

Coach Singleton has an attention to detail when coaching the plays. 

Buy this course! A steal at $14.99 compared to other for $$$$$.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Do you have access to HUDL Playbook? If so, lets Clinic.

Guys, posted below is a video on how we can share plays and become a better coach this off-season by using HUDL Playbook to clinic with each other. Watch the video and then email me your favorite play using HUDL Playbook and I will send 2 back your way. PLUS, I will add your name to the document below so that other coaches can share with you as well!

Email banks.terrance@gmail.com
Twitter @tbanks1906

Monday, November 27, 2017


This off-season this was one of the plays that was sweeping the nation. The Power Read Toss. Of course, you know how this works, though "only" a local high school in Georgia, we have been running it for a while...
When Clemson started running it, the Power Read became in style.

I got a few questions, after my Power Read Video, asking do we run the toss? We have a few times, but not something that has been a major part of our game plan. I am linking two articles on The Coach B Duds's site, where you can read about his findings.
I added a few clips of us from the preseason. 

Power Read Toss from Terrance Banks on Vimeo.

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How to use Feedly by Coach Banks

Coach Banks shows us how to use FEEDLY!

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Power Read and RPO from Coach Banks!

The Clinic

The How to 

by Terrance Banks

The first time I did this presentation was two years ago at the University of Virginia Coaches Clinic. If you have an questions, please email me or follow me on Twitter 


The coach listed at the end, no longer works on my staff, so contact me for questions!

Power Read and RPO Compliment (1818620) from Terrance Banks on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

WR Drills by The Coach Banks!

Here are some of my favorite Wide Receiver drills.

Try them out, Let me what you like! 

What are you favorites?

+Terrance Banks 

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Newest Adventure

I jumped on the bandwagon of "Yoots.TUBERS"
(My Cousin Vinny. Watch it young bucks!)

Here are my first three Videos... Short and sweet!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I presented last March on the SNAG CONCEPT at the Southeastern Wing-T Clinic in Dublin, Georgia. Hosted by Dublin High School. It was a great clinic and I would like to thank the Dublin staff for the opportunity to share my knowledge.


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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mark Helfrich at Notre Dame Coaches Clinic 2017

“Leave it better than you found it”

Principles/Logistics of the No Huddle Offense


Question>> What is your goal?
  • Control mind and tempo of BOTH TEAMS
  • We want the appearance of hyper speed
  • Physical in the run

Meetings quick reactions make quick reactors
  • Players need to ask questions, not always coach driven/lecture
  • Make sure QBs come into meeting with questions
  • QBs learn from each other!

Practice - make it harder than the game
  • It should include unexpected situations
  • Helps to narrow their focus, leave outside distraction off the field

Weight Room - This is where you prepare to become a great football player!

Make your physical fitness a real AND physiological weapon.

This is taught as a fundamental just like blocking and tackling.

How many words do use?

Cadence/Snap Count/True Tempo
  • The offense controls when the ball is snapped.
  • You can manipulate and stress the defense before you snap the ball.
  • You give the QB or the Offensive playcaller a tremendous advantage using the time at the LOS instead of the huddle.

Communication-Pre Snap
How do get plays in?

Use terms/phrases that your team can identify with…

At Oregon….
We used ONE to signal to LINE
And ONE to signal to SKILLED

  • Whatever it is...keep it game like as possible
  • Keep your coaching as game like as possible...NO REDOS...have a “NEXT PLAY” mentality
  • Number of plays vs number of minutes (The defense on a different schedule usually…
  • Use walkthroughs tempo for teaching periods to rest/recover and adjust when tired
Game Planning
  • Whatever you run
  • You cater to the QB- sometimes you want to call it; sometimes he checks
  • You make it more difficult to disguise their defense
  • You find or create mismatches 
  • Always dictate tempo-mind games and stress
  • Brand new every week in the first series >>>> SHIFTS,ACTIONS,ROUTE,FORMATION

***QBs are becoming too much like a specialized position.
Too much GURU/drill work.
More Competition is needed to be successful!!
QUICKEST WAY to communicate a play?
USE ONE WORD for everything= Formation,Strength,Play PERSONNEL TOO!

TENDENCY BREAK= Have one formation that has each of the following

I was writing fast and furious anyone else in attendance feel free to fill in the blanks at

Join the conversation at nohuddlespread.proboards

OR on The Twitter @dacoachmohuddle